One thought on “Structure Europe 2013: Is absence of web scale giants a problem for Europe's cloud ambitions?”

  1. I’m not sure whether you can directly compare US, Japan and China with “Europe”. In all of the first 3, they’re single countries with very large populations, single markets in many terms: currency, language, culture. This isn’t the case within Europe and even though there is a “single market”, it’s not quite the same. There are still different countries with different implementations, currencies and in particular, languages.

    The closest we come is likely the UK with its local versions of Rackspace and Microsoft clouds. Amazon is still only in 1 EU location (Dublin) and Google don’t reveal the actual locations.

    So I’m not sure there should be a direct equivalent, more likely there will be a number of regional specific players (possibly playing on the (supposedly) strong sense of data protection in the likes of Germany).

    I’d see this as a benefit because each provider can offer regional specific features and performance optimised for that geography – it’s still a case that you have to launch in each country with localised versions of your product (see Netflix or any other big company) and having local infrastructure makes sense there.

    That said, I’m surprised AWS still does only have their 1 EU region! Let’s see if that changes.

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