2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Laugh: Cisco mulls buying Nokia”

  1. I have recently heard a lot of outlandish rumors of who Cisco might buy next – none of them has made any business sense to me, and they all would involve an acquisition of huge capital proportions. Like the others, it seems a real stretch to me that Cisco would spend ~$70B on an acquisition.

    But why are these rumors floating around? I can think of three possibilities:

    (1) Some really major acquisition is in the works, despite what my business sense tells me;

    (2) Cisco’s investors would like to see Cisco make a big move and somehow get back to ceiling-less revenue growth, and a rocket flight stock;

    (3) Cisco, itself, enjoys such rumors, for they keep the company full view in the mind of the Fortune 500/100 business executives whose mindshare they need for continued sales success (growth).

    Does this make me a cynic?

    (Or am I a cynic solely for my skepticism about Cisco stock climbing back to $70 per share…)

    – EP

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