5 thoughts on “Swapper, for faster file transfers via caching”

  1. “Most MP3s, personal photos, and mini-videos are less than 20-25MB. We compress, cache, and pre-fetch to make these fly. That’s our market. Not the large gigabyte sized files.”

    That might be a wrong assumption, esp if u have a 2-3 year outlook.

    unless other formats emerge, of course.

  2. Uh, upload files to a server so people can download faster? Good thing it’s “P2P” or I might not realize how new and clever it is.

  3. Hi Om,

    Maybe I am confused but there are far better services out there that do this already. For example, Pando is one such service. Basically you upload a file and get a .pando file. The .pando file is basically like a .torrent file and is about 5k is size. You then send that file to whomever you want to send that to. So basically, it is a far more elegant solution that this. You can even think about YouSendIt being even more cool because you do not have to download any type of client.

    As for saving bandwidth because someone else might have uploaded the same file, I think that would be highly unlikely. I usually send big files to people that are quite unique and I am sure if you do a sample set on most people, you will get the same answer. The only files that are similar are those “other files” and we have bitTorrent for that with PEX and DHT support.

    Rajeev Kadam
    Divinity Metrics

  4. These are truly landmark times for p2p and Xavier and his team are some of the sharpest entrepreneurs in the business, not to mention really nice people. Best of luck guys!

    Just an FYI — Pando securely caches previously sent/published content (and even recognizes if its been downloaded on any other peer in the network) so that you don’t have to upload it again. It’s been working that way since we launched over a year ago.

    This is especially useful for the managed HD video super-distribution that Pando powers for content owners, video platforms and CDNs. Their viewers can easily download and redistribute their huge HD video files for them with one-click, without ever having to re-upload videos.

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