39 thoughts on “T-Mobile's MyTouch Worth the Wait”

  1. Regarding the problem of bringing the virtual keyboard when you need it:
    You can bring up (or hide) the virtual keyboard at anytime and in any app by simply holding the menu button.

    I’ve had my G2 (HTC magic / ion) since Google offered it to me at Google I/O and I love it. (runs faster than the G1 and the virtual keyboard isn’t as bad as I thought, still not as good as a physical one though…)

    1. I think a lot of it has to do with the way iPhone has defined my Touch screen experience and as a result I find it tough to use this device without problems. You are right about using the menu button. I guess when working while on the phone, one kinda forgets that little instruction.

      I agree – the device is much much faster than G1!

  2. The question for me is whether to go for this or wait to see what other Android phones T-Mobile delivers this year. The Samsung i7500 appears to be in line for later in the year and ultimately 3-4 months isn’t a big deal.

    1. There is a lot more to a camera than pixel count. HTC does not seem to make the same level of investment in cameras that certain other vendors seem to, even at equivalent megapixel counts.

    2. The lens quality can make a huge difference, especially when using apps like Evernote, which try to OCR on the images. So it isn’t just the pixel count that impacts image quality.

  3. I can’t see any reason to get this over an iPhone unless you really want T-Mobile. But their data network is minimal so you would have to put up with that. Looks to me like Apple is once again a generation ahead of everyone else with the iPhone 3G S. If I could find something better than an iPhone on a network other than AT&T I would go for it but I’m not seeing it.

    1. There are reasons to get this over the iPhone, though they probably don’t hold for the majority of people. I personally enjoy some of the unique features of Android, such as true multitasking (no, push notification is not an alternative to this as it requires giving 3rd parties access to all the push data), and some apps which would never be allowed on the App Store.

      Also I rather enjoy the browser – it fits text to the size of the screen at the current zoom level, rather than an arbitrary column width that leaves you zooming in and out all the time.

      I’m rather surprised that the myTouch 3G is faster than the G1 though. I’ve heard that it has the same amount of RAM as the G1, though other carriers have a version with 288MB. The processor is the same too, and more internal ROM should make no speed difference. Are you comparing cupcakes to cupcakes here, or is the comparison to the G1 pre-update by any chance?

    2. Apple is definitely not ahead.

      The reason people like this phone because they get to customize it, make it their own phone and not being like everyone else.
      There is nothing great about the IPhone, try it and hate every minute of it.

  4. “It has one micro-USB port that can either be used for charging or plugging in accessories such as headphones.”

    Why haven’t the smartphone manufacturers learned? These need to be separate.

    Until iPhone is available on whichever carrier I choose, I won’t consider buying one. @&T is ridiculous – ads in the mail every week promising this or that.

    1. Let me just say I have never had an iPhone and have been with T-Mobile since they were Omnipoint. For a a lot of T-mobile especially here in NYC we had to deal with dropped calls on a constant basis and IMHO a shitty line of phone (why didn’t someone talk me out out the MDA!!!)

      That being said I think that if you’re a loyal T-Mobile customer it would be a welcomed upgrade. I think comparing any phone to the iPhone is futile. It’s the standard that a lot of manufactuers are either trying to imitate or avoid all together.

      So since I never had the balls to switch services I’m going for the Touch

      And what is with no standard head jack. It’s stereo Bluetooth so that good but come on!!!!

      1. Exactly, I have been with T-Mobile since…..I bought my first cell phone. The calls drop and the phones suck, but with the entire family and friends on t-mobile, it saves me a lot of money, not to mention we are in a family plan now, and all do a lot of texting, no one can beat t-mobiles texting plan. I am excited to see some decent phones coming our way.

        However I hate the fact that the iPhone is looked upon as the “God” of all phones, it is in NO means perfect. It took how many years to get video? Not to mention all the proprietary garbage. Yes they have mastered the touch screen, and the Apps are endless, and I think thats why many people are willing to overlook the major downfalls of the iPhone.

        Granted the iPhone is a good phone, I had one hacked for t-mobile for about 1 year, it just died and I am looking for something else but I don’t want to play the whole hacking game any more. So I say keep it up, T-Mobile needs a decent phone lineup.

      2. I have also been with tmobile since i got my first cell phone but unlike you i have had amazing luck with their service… i have never had dropped calls or receptions issues and i was extremely excited when the mytouch came out… i am not happy with the price ill have to pay so i am going to wait before i purchase one but my bf just bought the iPhone as he is a ATT customer and i honestly dont think its what everyone crack it up to be… the phone quality is horrible… almost impossible to hear him sometimes… doesnt have reception in areas where my typical tmobile samsung has full reception…some websites are almost impossible to see and are unable to zoom in on and the applications are endless but most of them are useless and a waste of phone memory as well! Maybe ill be disappointed when i finally get the mytouch but as for the iPhone being the one…. very overrated in my opinion

  5. Funny, it seems to me that phone mfg’ers can do a lot with a camera from a software standpoint. My Pre’s 3mp camera is light years ahead of the 3.2mp on the HTC Touch Pro I had before. Not even close. HTC needs to improve their software.

  6. About the camera comment.

    The original G1 I have had a problem with the camera as well, it was horrid. The new 1.5 firmware changed that though and it is leaps and bounds better and very worthy.

    This migh have the same issue so dont knock it just yet.

    1. I agree. The camera is excellent. I’m shocked how good my pictures and so are those who seem them when I post them.

  7. I played with one today for a while in a T-mobile store and was pretty impressed. Keyboard worked really well, everything seemed snappy, and with the data plan its quite a bit cheaper than an iphone (with more minutes).

    Not for everyone, but I’d recommend it to the right person.

  8. I would prefer this phone ’cause i would use a smartphone seriously and not goof off with a virtual lightsaber or dummy cannon app (pooints at IPhone). Also, I hate conformity more than war and Macs so the customization is a bit of a God send. Can anyone tell me if the MP3 is any good?

  9. Hey I guys I was an owner of a iphone 3g and no question the iphone is great, but than I had to switch to tmobile and got the mytouch. At first wasn’t too impressed but now I would take it over my iphone anyday. I love that I can hold music and pics on it like a little harddrive and can go to any pc and share your music unlike itunes. Also I noticed the speed on mytouch is so much faster than the iphone. Also almost all the apps for the mytouch are free and my bill is way cheaper than when I was with att. I know att service is good but in Atlanta tmobile service is fantastic. I love my new mytouch and love how everything works on it and again the speed on it is outstanding.

  10. In my case, I can’t get an iPhone unless I want to spend an extra $750 due to bad credit. However, I can get a MyTouch with T-Mobile FlexPay. Which means I can save that extra $750 to put towards a bigger, better Apple machine… The only thing that sucks is that I use MobileMe, and I really like it. I use the storage to backup important photos and documents, it’s nice to access my calender and address book anywhere… it’s tough. If AT&T had a service similar to FlexPay, I would definitely get an iPhone over the MyTouch, no question about it.

    But then there are more important things to worry about (death, famine, war, etc.)

  11. I just upgraded from a BB Curve 8900 to a MyTouch 3G. Other than the usual difficulties acclimating to a new phone, the biggest downer for MyTouch is the short battery life. Even on low-use days, the phone is dead within 6 hours after a full charge. This is a major drawback for people who travel and don’t always have the wherewithal to recharge the phone every 6 hours. Other than that, the jury is still out. Wanted to stay with T-Mobile not only because of family plan ( have 2 other lines on my account), but because I have had AT&T in past and it sucked. iPhone might be an option in the future since I’m a Mac user anyway, but the restrictions and limited availability of apps make it less appealing.

  12. Get the Mytouch G2 with free monthly service…no bills, with Wow Mobile. check out my youtube and contact me I will hook you up.

  13. I have had t-mobile since my first cell phone also, and I had ridiculously good service… and customer service for that matter.
    Okay so you get an iphone and pay 200 -300 bux to get it with a new plan from AT&T—-
    BUT… whats the plan gonna cost you?? — an arm and a leg!
    I have friends that think they are cool because they have an iphone, but I have to email them instead of text message from my smartphone(mytouch) because they don’t have an unlimited plan like I do.
    If you have an unlimited plan on t-mobile its about 70-80 bux depending where you are, and thats unlimited everything!!!! (talk, text, web, and visual voicemail)
    On ATT, its about 150 bux for an unlimited everything plan give or take some dollars… but i know its no less than 130-140.
    Most of my friends are not willing to pay that much money for their great phone to have great service so they are always counting minutes and texts —- that blows!!!!
    Whats having a great car if it costs you twice as much for gas………. Would u drive it?….. yah right!!!
    iphone users, t-mobile users, aliens, peter griffin and his family all know that ATT charges waaaaaaay too much.
    I mean, c’mon!, you have to pay 35 bux or so for a data plan…. and that doesn’t even include texts?…. and then u gotta pay like 15 bux for not even unlimited texts… that blows!!

  14. I’m enjoying my Mytouch, played with the iphone and have to admit, yes Apple does have the touch screen tech locked down but that just wasn’t enough for me to move to At&T. Mostly everything that the Mytouch can do I like and use often. Of course there’s small gripes (battery life mostly) and what not but isn’t that the case with “all” the smartphones nowadays. Everyone has different tastes in what they want in a phone just need to find one that fits you and your life style I guess. Cheers to the Mytouch and here’s hoping the Android OS becomes successful.

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