10 thoughts on “T-Mobile USA CTO Disses AT&T, LTE and WiMAX”

  1. He should have described HSPA+ network, not as “4G”, but as achieving today what will be comparable to “4G network speeds”. Yes, HSPA+ is not ITU-defined 4G.

    With HSPA+ T-Mobile (and AT&T shortly) is able to achieve 4G-speeds, and cheaper too to deploy too mainly via SW updates to their current infrastructure.

    I use T-Mobile on my G2 and it is fast! and t will be faster still in the near future.


  2. 4G is supposed to be gigabit speeds, so IMO none of the carriers are even close to being able to legitmately market their nonsense as 4G. They don’t even have the backhaul capacity for 4G speeds… there are still towers sharing a T1 connection for devices in NYC.

    If the others are going to misuse “4G,” I don’t care if t-mo follows suit. IMO they have still been the most straightforward with marketing.

  3. In southern Alabama AT&T doesn’t even HAVE 3G. So I am seriously underwhelmed by them saying how great the NEXT version of wireless will be.

  4. first off, 4G doesn’t represent the speed or amount of data able to be sent at any given time. 4G simply means fourth generation. like 3G meant third generation.

    nothing transfers data at 4 gigs per second right now, not the best smart phone or the best pc. lte normal range is between 3-5 mbs and 7 is a peak burst, however it can go up to 12on a lower bandwidth. lte advanced can do easily 20mbs up to 2 gigs at a time. far better than hspa or hspa+

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