6 thoughts on “T-Mobile USA's CTO: Nokia, BlackBerry Need to Step Up”

  1. Fair talk as long as TMO lets contender models from the said companies to try in their stores to see how it goes. Nokia’s top entry at TMO (Nuron) is their cheapest smartphone aimed at the Philippines and the like. How about trying N8?

  2. TM hasn’t figured out how all people use the web! I have seen comments in many fora about those missing their PDAs. BB does have a good organizer, but then it’s the data plan that stinks if you don’t need BB services. Nokia has nice phones, but no one seems to know anything about symbian apps in the store. I have an unlocked C6, and all the store employees said that they could use a phone like that. For PDA users, Symbian will run Palm programs thru Styletap. (Styletap also can use other OS)
    This is for all phones – learn to sync with the desktop as Palm did. Some of us don’t use Outlook, Google, or Yahoo for info.
    Some of us are also not interested in social networking on the phone. Facebook, twitter, et al. are not the be all and end all of our existence. We do use data, but our own way.
    I have to use a webmail service. Therefor, I do not need push mail. I like a physical qwerty slide out keyboard. I don’t like Motorola or windows phones. TM simply did not have a phone I wanted.

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