10 thoughts on “2007, the year of the tech IPO?”

  1. I am pushing for a return to the IPO market. Companies with high goals deserve high returns. If you’re a startup looking for a quick flip, then you’re already setting your standards way too low.

    Be profitable, not a gamble.

  2. 2007 will be big for tech, but 2008 will be bigger. The buildout of Networx, and the IPv6 transition, along with new technology such as Microvision’s (www.mvis.com)laser items, will bring a huge surge in tech. Will 2008 be bigger than 2007 for tech? Probably. Vista is estimated to be in the capital budgets for late 2007 and early 2008, which will bring even more tech spending.

  3. Don’t forget about the VMware ‘IPO’ (actually, a spinout from EMC)..EMC bought it for $635 and it will command ~$5B on the open market. They are only selling 10% of the equity and EMC is holding onto the rest.

  4. Om,
    You have a typo here. OPXT is still trading in the $17 range and not 20 cents a share…

    Optical networking component start-up, Opnext (OPXT), a Hitachi spin-off went public last week7 and raised $254 million selling around 17 million shares. The stock opened at $17 and is now trading at 20 cents a share.

  5. I have looked in the past for sites that mention up and coming IPO’s in the tech sector. I wanted to get an idea from your readers if they have any sites they could suggest.

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