5 thoughts on “Gray Saturday At The Apple Store”

  1. iclean is pretty rad for screens but also a nice way to keep those shiney powerbook keys sparkling.

    as far as buying music goes for me its either vinyl or mp3s. cds scratch, the artwork is too small, reading lyrics is a drag, and most cd only stores are so bare and hospital like.

  2. “Most of the shoppers, …, were actually snapping up the iPod accessories.”

    I’ll forward a link on to my good friend who handles iPod accessories for Apple although he may know of it already. I think he actively monitors the blogosphere because he knew of some earlier items I had snipped for him.

  3. Thanks Havagan. I think this is the potential upside in Apple’s earnings people don’t talk about much these days. anyway I think it makes most sense… after all we all wanna pimp out our cards, pcs, and well why not iPods.

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