13 thoughts on “TiVo’s Adwords for TiVo”

  1. I suppose one can run Snapstream’s BeyondTV on LG’s DVR. This way you pay the first year subscription to Snapstream, then you have a product without yearly fee.

  2. It was Replay that made (makes?) a DVR that skips ads…it’s hard to get the MSO’s to use your DVR if your getting pushback from the content providers. Otherwise your sales will be relatively limited, just like Tivo’s. Except Tivo got into the market relatively early and had a partnership with a satellite provider.


  3. i agree with you frank – MSO’s are going to cram down on anyone who wants to partner with them. but what i talking about going oldschool – plain vanilla DVR that skips ads, and is standalone and simple.

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  5. Isn’t the TiVo solution just an attempt by a “consumer interface” operator to hook a hardware solution onto a market currently being developed by the leading on-line ad-companies? They tell me that they are transfering technology, developed for on-line ads, into the (ip)tv world, where consumer profiles based on tracked media behaviour will determine the ads you’re being served.
    Self-typing your explicit profile will be good as a super-target factor (as search ads on the web) but the implicit behavioral profile may already help in targeting ads quite a bit (as banner ads on the web). John Battelle had a long Friday piece on stroller ads a while ago.
    It will be interesting to see where the value grows in the end: at the consumer end (in the interface) or on the producer end (in the profile connection service). My bet would be on the producer end, as that is where the budget resides.

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