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  1. RE: Ray Ozzie

    It’s not a memo if you need to make sure the paper tray is fuill before you even consider printeing it out.

  2. Mobile market is full of challenges – multitude of screen formats, device formats. Distribution channels are controlled by mega monopolies. Show me one mobile independent software vendor with 50MM sales?

    If you are software vendor you are better of concentrating on 700+ million windows/IE market. Firefox and Mobile devices are nice to have, they are not must have.

  3. I believe the battle for this space is going to be a bloodbath with many companies being eaten or dying. The Microsoft rank and file will face some MAJOR culture shock responding to these memos. If their corporate cultural arteries are too hard, a massive stroke and ultimately a slow, painful death may be the result.

    Kip Meacham

  4. As this memo comes out from Ray Ozzie and Bill Gates, the world is getting ready for one more innovation, a Free PC that is being given away by a Hong Kong based technology company – Asiatotal.net.

    Would love to hear om malik’s comment on this. Read more on this in my blog.

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