5 thoughts on “The GigaOm Show Episode 7: Gphone, D: All Things Digital”

  1. Om’s right – Ads pay the bills and I find the quality of the ads today are much better than before (i.e. no pop-ups/unders,etc). Why disable them? I’d rather exchange ad clicks to see Om on video!

  2. Om & Kara talk about Facebook as a time-sucker that might soon be due for an implosion due to the “fatigue factor.” I’m no FB fanboy (I’m WAY too OTH for that) but when you look at how kids actually use it, its akin to the way the previous generation uses email & the telephone. Of course, email’s flash-in-the-pan has so far extended for 40 years. I don’t suspect FB’s current prominent position will mirror that success, but given their F8 platform, they are at least trying to insure that FB is the place where the next few “emails” will first be nurtured.

  3. Om, I really love this show, and I never thought I would say this about a tech tv show on the Internet. I’m addicted to it as a source of good information offered in an accessible format.

  4. We watch the show the “proper” way – the same way we watch Cranky Geeks [small plug]. Streamed via iTunes to my Apple TV – watched in comfort in the living room on the TV set which is just waiting for the full Hi-Def version of GigaOM.

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