15 thoughts on “Top 10 programming languages of the future – you voted!”

  1. you should also probably include flex/as3 on your list too. I know up until now AS hasn’t been a real or very popular programming language like C, but i feel things are about to change with flex, since its the RIA age and adobe has been really pushing hard to make it the next best thing to HTML both online and offline apps (AIR)..

    its pretty impressive too judging from the stuff i’ve seen done with it so far}

  2. Agree with Sanchit. We’re building our web app, Convos, with Flex and have been really impressed with the user experiences that can be created in a browser.}

  3. I would have voted on this forum, except you forget an elephant of a choice: ObjectiveC + cocoa.

    Asides from the fact that the language and the framework is a joy to work with, aside from the fact that practically all shareware applications being created on OSX look and behave 100 times as better as any shareware app on windows, there is the huge fact that Vista is fizzling fast while OSX is on a boom.

    You did say 2013, right?}

  4. html/css, windows nt, ajax, any-script(java,action) for the web, db2, Transact-SQL 6.0 are not programmming languages.

    make sure before making this website link page, must be knowledgeable in software and hardware slots.

    if you want a better the best languages try borland products like c++builder, c#builder or Delphi(my primary language)[down:)loadable@ ftp://roca.waitnet.com Why? because its no hassle to write, compile and run.

    if you like some, try microsoft visual c#.net or vb.net, so! if you want to install your programs or just even running it to the other computer, you might need a dotnetfx package installation, what a hassle.

    for aspx(new version model) users, its slow. Better use asp(old version). Tested awhile on our windows 2003 s2 server.

    for someone likes the trade name Microsoft try [visual basic 6].(my secondary language)

    you want games programming try: python.

    you want fast io operations in the web, try javascript with ajax direct framework, with linux OS. (tested awhile)

    you want slow applications processing try java language.

    want to ask questions: feel free to visit my site 🙂

    comvete since 1990 🙂

  5. Comvete, I recognized that many of the items on the list were not ‘languages’ and said so. I asked if anyone had a more encompassing term. I could not, however, leave them off the list.

    Try reading the whole post before you pass judgement.

  6. yeah how come actionscript 3.0 not there? i know flash is a buggy piece of software { onr of the main reasons why ipad and iphones doesn have it , also another reason why unix and linux systems dont recommend} but still.. many websites are flashed based!… i was learning actionscript 3.0 and flex.. found it interesting too..

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