8 thoughts on “The GigaOM Show: The Web Analytics Discussion”

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for another great show!

    Please consider that your role as moderators should include preventing your guests from relying too heavily on industry specific jargon. For example, in my opinion, the majority of Bill Tanzier’s comments consisted of strings of industry specific terms which offered little real insight into the subject. For those of us who are not immersed in a topic, this style of speech is as boring and pointless as a mindless PowerPoint presentation. Please help your guests to include a definition or two to assist your less-than-expert viewers understand the subject matter.

    I would prefer that you keep the show length at approximately 30 minutes. I find it difficult to devote a full hour to viewing anything while I often have 15 to 30 minute sections of “downtime” during my day.

    Finally, please consider making your show available on TIVO. This is a wonderful platform for viewing the type of programming you produce and would help get your program off of your viewer’s PCs. I far prefer viewing the DL.TV, Cranky Geeks and C/NET offerings from my recliner than from my desk. This also allows me to view educational material along with my entertainment viewing during the evening.

  2. Steven

    those are great suggestions and thank you for helping us along with your ideas. We are trying to work with TiVo and others to get distribution, and it takes a while to get it done.

    On the industry specific jargon, i agree. and in the future will make strong effort that it doesn’t happen.

    thanks for watching

  3. Om (and Joyce) –

    Great discussion on the state of web analytics. Next time you want to talk about measuring the web, we would love to join the conversation (I’m the CMO of Compete). Seems like tackling this topic without including Compete.com is missing a big opportunity for your readers/listeners/viewers (ok, “fans”). Hell, maybe you should do Part 2 of this with us, Comscore and NetRatings….

  4. Om, love the show!

    Seeing as how you got your start on Business 2.0, is this going to be one of your top 5 headlines?

    Also, as far as the length goes, maybe you should put a poll up on the site? …find out what the viewers want directly 🙂

  5. I think its important to note that hitwise and quantcast are not web analytics companies, but competitive analysis companies.

  6. Okay…I’m ready for another segment on web analytics. Video analytics would be my preference but just having an engaged exchange would be most entertaining, maybe even clearing the ambiguities between web analytics and competitive analysis companies.

  7. Quantcast is going to be the next multi-billion dollar advertising company if they can manage NOT to sell out to Google. They will have the highest and most reliable advertising rates of any future advertising network when they launch. Transparency is the wave of the future and Google does not provide any for its publishers and advertisers.

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