8 thoughts on “VeriSign May Sell Some Operations”

  1. Frank,

    I heard the same thing. Then when I signed up with them for SMS/MMS services I experienced the choke first hand. Someone close said that they lost a lot of talent after the acquisition.

  2. Remarks made by Wm. Roper during the 3Q analysts call support the rumor about divestitures and layoffs. He said VeriSign would go into more detail Nov. 14 during their Analyst Day in New York. Seems to me they want to forestall stock-affecting news until as late as possible. I’ll bet on Nov. 14 they are still vague about the full extent.

  3. Addition to this, there are news in the market that Verisign is looking for buyers for their DCMS (Digital Content Management Service) which comprises mostly messaging product like MMSC and Picture Mail. Please investigate and get us more info. Who knows, you may help Verisign to find right customer at right price and in right time. 😉

    Since VeriSign CEO Stratton Sclavos stepped down, Verisign has been reversing lots of his ambitious decisions.

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