One thought on “The GigaOM Weekly Recap”

  1. Hi

    Small is indeed beautiful.
    language is a major constraint in Europe. Translations do not withstand close scrutiny and many documents go without proper understanding. Official languages include the prosperous amongst the European community.

    It therefore augurs well to lay and make a concerted bid to get official language status for English and I can offer my services to help and support in gaining fluency in Business English and Conversational English. My commitment to making them language savvy and comprehend the nuances of the English language can truly make Switzerland a Technical Hub..

    English language has no bearing on England or the world of English language speakers. The Etymology and the sourcing of all the words and phraseology is from the world over, and it is this universality which makes for the Numero Uno status that the language enjoys.

    I know of techniques and skills to make for learning and mastering a non-native language in minimal time period, provided there is a complete and total adherence to acheive the goal. If this be done post haste we would have Switzerland as the Tech Hub and outplace all others in the European theatre…

    Zurich has to make this happen.
    where there is a will there is a way


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