One thought on “The Great CRS-1 Mystery”

  1. Hi Om,

    We wanted to follow-up regarding your blog posting on August 10, “The Great CRS-1 Mystery,” and share some additional information that was not provided during our Q4 FY05 earnings call.

    Cisco is very pleased with the positioning, mindshare, and architectural evolution that CRS-1 is receiving. The CRS-1 continues to have very strong momentum with sequential growth over 150% and we have won key architectural design-ins in some of our most important service provider verticals, including European and Asian PTTs and cable MSOs. With over 100 CRS-1 units deployed, customers continue to expand, as we currently have 22 CRS-1 paying customers and an additional 14 customers trialing the CRS-1, up from 15 CRS-1 customers and an additional 15 customer trials in Q3.

    Publicly announced customers include Swisscom, BT, SOFTBANK BB Corp. (providers of “Yahoo! BB”), The National Institute of Informatics’ SuperSINET research network in Japan, National Lambda Rail, and Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. Currently, Telecom Italia and other tier-one service providers are trialiing the CRS-1.

    Our cutomers decide if and when they announce product deployments, and we will continue to release this information as it becomes publicly available.

    Take care Om…and we’ll keep in touch.

    Best regards,
    Jim Brady
    Public Relations
    Cisco Systems, Inc.

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