11 thoughts on “DTV, a new video-blog app for Mac”

  1. Video is always going to be trickier than audio for amateurs, just because it’s that much more involved. Diggnation is a great podcast to listen to, but Diggnation Videos aren’t nearly as interesting to watch.

    Speaking of Quicktime, when is Apple going to hit us with Quicktime 7 for Windows? Better yet, when are we going to see support for Quicktime video in stand-alone DVD players? If I could find a DVD player with support for QT7, DivX6 and WMV9 all together, I’d get that and give my Philips DVP-642 to the girlfriend.

  2. the main message i’m taking away from the DTV site is this: “we built it for you, now come”.

    To me, the content they’re featuring isn’t really there to showcase the videos themselves, but instead showcases how easy it is to publish your own videos.

    Last week I videotaped the Women’s final for the AVP tournament in Hermosa Beach, I certainly intend to see what I can do with DTV. I’m particularly interested in DTV’s built-in support for torrents, which makes me wonder whether DTV clients also help seed the files they download, i’d really love to have the answer to that.

  3. interesting pov chris. just wondering if you own the rights to rebroadcast the same clip. i think this is a good start to get user generated content rolling.

  4. yeah i haven’t figured out what the rights deal is, but the footage is 100% footage is shot myself with my video camera, while getting heavily sunburned. While I figure NBC has rights to its footage and prime locations, I have my own rights shooting stuff from the stands, at a free event happening over a public beach, in my town. There were no signs indicating video was forbidden. I’m hoping it’ll be alright šŸ™‚ we’ll see, heh! šŸ™‚

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