One thought on “The great MCI debate”

  1. I have to agree with the person who posted on the 12th , the WHOLE industry is corrupt it is just that MCI is the company who has came out abt it, AT&T, SBC, Qwest & Verizon all have major issues as well just not public yet , I have nothing but heartfelt sorrow for all of the people who lost thousands and millions of dollars in the end of it all. Although investing itself is a big risk what was done is an unfair cheat to the equity holders.
    However mci DOES have all new execs and we even have an ethics commitee in place as well as many other items in place to ensure to the government and the public that we not only will do everything to ensure that this will never happen again but to show that MCI is a ROLE-MODEL for corporate governence.I am a small individual within the company(mass markets OBTM at that time) and the fraud that happened 2 yrs ago was so high above that we just knew our CEO stepped down , kindof a large group of pee-ons so to say , but now … When i hear people say that they should liquidate the co. or close them down, etc.. , I cant help but think how bad that is . not only for my personal employment,but for the 54,999 other employees scatterd throughout the country that i will never meet, and for the telecom industry, the Internet, thousands of small businesses, enterprises ,and residential consumers alike- who may not enjoy directly , but thrive from the fruits of the company like saving ..Having a lower bill from SBC or whoever b/c MCI is a competitor in their area and so they lower their prices for consumer retention, Having Reliable Internet access from resellers who use our PoP’s ,or any other company who uses our expansive network for daily business(you would be suprised to see all of the large well known companies)
    So to conclude I think Michael Cappellas is doing a great job leading MCI into the future of communication and the rest of the world can look forward to great products and services NOW and in the future

    These are my own thoughts i am in no way representing any of the views by MCI(r) and/or any of its subsidararies respectivly

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