7 thoughts on “The Hidden Cost of Unlimited Plans”

  1. Unlimited plans will lead to more services being avaialble, but will the carrier be able to benefit from those additional services?

    I text on my phone using my Verizon unlimited data plan, but I don’t use Verizon’s network, so they lose text revenue from me. What happens if I use VoIP? Do they lose cell revenue also?

    That is the problem with just being a dumb pipe.

  2. @ Random Thoughts,

    I think the biggest problem is that carriers cannot embrace their one true skill: being access providers. Instead of being good at one thing, they try and be good at everything, which is why people like you find ways to do things despite thm.

    Problem is not with the dumb pipe. Problem is with dumb executives who can’t make money from that dumb pipe. Look at Free.fr: for them being dumb brings in the Euros.

  3. During the late nineties, I was victimized by unlimited plan offered by the cellphone company service that I was using at that time. Since then, I refused to get unlimited plans and continued with prepaid. Since then, I never received a phone bill for $1000 that I supposedly made. I am baffled why FCC have not cracked down on this flagrant rip off and why millions of people still subject themselves to this obvious rip off.

  4. you might not need to pay for all-you-can-eat plans if you download the Skydeck plug-in. it sits on your browser and acts like a gas gauge for your cell phone.

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