24 thoughts on “4G Wireless & the Ensuing Bandwidth Boom”

  1. With 1Gbps today and 10Gbps in the future, EPON is the perfect fit for cell backhaul requiring GigE. It’s a much lower cost technolgy than SONET or dedicated Ethernet (for the operators running the backhaul). It will provide the best bandwidth/cost for cell operators. Some operators that have their own wireline networks (such as Verizon) are already using PON (in their case GPON)) for cell backhaul. Redundancy in these networks is provided by a cominbation of multi-tier wireless backhaul and overlapping coverage from adjacent cells (the same way as it is done today).

    Of course Nortel isn’t in the PON access business so it wouldn’t occur to them. But it makes perfect sense to run the towers on the SAME access network with other commercial and residential customers in the same geographies.

  2. yes, nortel is known for its genius
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  3. While Verizon and AT&T may well rely in part on their own fiber networks in certain parts of the US, there are clearly many, many areas where the only fiber close to the cell site belongs to a cable operator. Expect A&TT and Verizon (and of course Sprint and T-Mo, who won’t feel the competitive queasiness) to strike deals with the MSOs for backhaul. They won’t want to do it, but they’ll do it just the same.

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