16 thoughts on “Mobile Backhaul Equals Big Money Opportunity”

  1. Why is it suprising that there is no startup activity? When was the last time you saw an infrastructure startup be acquired for more than the investment put into it? The big telcos are not acquiring startups, so the VCs are not putting money into them. That coupled with the fact that mobile backhaul isn’t really that much different than other backhauls means two things. First, the service providers are going to have to choose from existing equipment for the forseeable future and second, in a few years, the big telcos are going to be screaming for new technology. It won’t be there.

    In my opinion, the root cause of this falls on the service providers. Having been through infrastructure equipment startups, I can tell you that the price pressure exerted by the service providers on big equipment vendors which then trickles down to the startups makes doing infrastructure equipment startups nonviable. The result is easily predictable, glacial progression in infrastructure technology developments, since the big guys are the only ones that can afford it and they just don’t take chances.

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