5 thoughts on “The North Face founder: technology has stopped evolution & is destroying the world”

      1. Same or better questions are always being asked by people who aren’t advocating that the only answer is to run and hide from science and technology. The world’s science community asks these questions all the time and fights to direct change in positive, useful directions.

        The truly destructive forces in the history of societies are rooted in greed and superstition. Their flunkies are priests, pundits and politicians. Not ranked by any priority.

        There is no shortage of insightful, productive questioning in the world of tech and science – which is why I stop by to check on a certain thoughtful person named Om Malik, every day.

  1. There are unfamiliar and often downright nefarious dealings going on with the net right now. That old saying? “The internet is miles wide yet still only inches deep” The big Tech firms especially those involved with PRISM are finding this out. Those bits need to be dismantled, they have failed us and they will fail the companies and governments involved. I cannot speak for everyone but I’m sure most have this feeling too.

  2. It is not technology that is the problem; it is the environment that ascertaines what technologies have value. Change the environment, and so what technology has value will change. The core thing to change is money. Please have a look at this and offer critique. Not limitations. I know there are many, but remember they are yours, not mine.


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