One thought on “How long will CEO Don Mattrick last? Check out Zynga's pattern of executive hirings and firings”

  1. It couldn’t happen to a nicer company! 😀

    I used to play their games but the games have got so many bugs and issues that playing becomes a frustrating experience. Messages to Zynga are answered with a clear message that as players, we are insignificant and don’t matter. My group of friends and I don’t play ANY Zynga games anymore….why suffer the frustration when they don’t care? It’s just not worth it. Lots of other game companies out there–we’ll give them our business.

    Zynga also has a practice of hiring people for one year then laying them off. It’s happened to several friends of mine. Seems stupid to me too; they take the time to train these people then have to start training again with a new batch. It takes time and money to train new people; after one year, I guess it’s an issue of not wanting to have to pay benefits for these “long time” workers. Too bad.

    In closing I would have to say from the bottom of my heart, “Zynga, you suck!!”

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