2 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt to retire. Your network speeds will still suck”

  1. Glen is an excellent executive who has served TWC well. They have been clear since 2001 that they will use data pricing as a tool to impede the “over-the-top” strategy and maintaing a grip on premium content. Much to the chagrin of consumers, telecom/cable provider can exercise this leverage unless the FCC intermediates.

    But all is not lost. There is a reason Google is building out high-speed fiber delivery at an accelerating pace. A legitimate competitor in the space whose business has a far more diversified revenue base just might be a game changer.

  2. “Your network speeds will still suck.” Mercifully, not mine, not anymore. Last month, after years of pain with Time Warner cable, I switched to Frontier DSL, which recently became available where I live, and it’s a tremendous improvement. Peak speeds are lower, but it’s much steadier. I can now watch streaming videos that were hopeless with Time Warner. And I’m paying $12 a month *less*. (Honestly – I’m a real person, not a shill for Frontier.)

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