14 thoughts on “The Pinterest-ization of the e-commerce experience”

  1. I’m going to go one step further and say that the Pinterest-style wall will be part of consumerization. As strange as that may sound, we’re embarking an internal project right now to create just such a capability as a social collaboration tool for sales and marketing (and the rest to follow). Personalized space that tells a story is the next level of maturity for collaboration.

    1. Chris

      Great comment and thanks for sharing. I would like to know why you guys chose that “design” path and what is the impact. Appreciate you taking the time and sharing.

      1. Very welcome. There are many ways to collaborate and personalize. Social streams are one, and social ‘boards’ are another. Each has their place and value. As we roll out, I’ll let you know what we discover. As with anything that’s on the front edge of innovation, it morphs as it matures and sometimes becomes something unexpected.

  2. It’s not for me, to much random data. Reminds me of Windows3 when people cluttered their desktop with rows and columns of icons to every file/app until they run out of space.
    I call it a dopamine junkie interface, won’t work in the long run.

  3. I’m not following your points regarding Tumblr. The two sites you mention don’t show product in a long scrolling, ‘story A, story B, story C’ format.
    The only glimpse i caught was LeCoqSportif’s history under Marque, but this is parallax and that really is a whole different ball of wax.
    Of A Kind has a great editorial-like design and I appreciate the product + designer bio… I just don’t see the connection to Tumblr.

  4. The UI and look and feel is important for any website particularly one retailing merchandize. This is not sufficient of its own of course as there really needs to be a value-added dimension that appeals to consumers. We are excited to launch Flash Purchase with this in mind. Our value add is we empower consumers to create their own deals, join others and share them to gain the benefits of volume pricing not available to our users on an individual basis.

  5. My bet is that grids and feeds have been perfected, but I’m sure there is an opportunity with slideshows – to create a Youtube of stories. By merging the various aspects of screensaver photo albums, presentations (keynote etc.) and gallery sliders from web sites you could allow people to create a new content format that is a creative hybrid of text, video and pictures with the simplicity of blogging.

  6. I guess the success of pinterest should be credited to technologically enhanced display devices like super-sharp tablets and Plasma LED screens ; at affordable price. The images ,colors and sharpness in new generation devices are amazing. Almost true to life or even better. Overall their is shift from verbose web content to visually appealing imagery. The phenomenon is analogous to tectonic shift that internet took when its graduated from text based Gopher protocol to TCP/IP
    Pinterest is just one of the by-products of this . In future e-commerce sites may be a grid of HD videos .
    Prashant Telang ; CTO transpacific.in

  7. While I agree visual should be the way to discover going forward (especially since the tablet will overtake the laptop soon), I think the Pinterest grid is a cacophony of information that much better organization is needed to it be more efficient for ecommerce. I’m also curious about the seemingly slavish devotion to top-down scrolling as the default experience for websites and apps.

    1. Barry

      Great points. I do agree that the grid could use some clarity but it serves as a collage-experience. I am with you on the whole topic of top-down scrolling – time to try something new.

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