5 thoughts on “The Professionalization of Internet TV”

  1. after many hours of research, I found a great company called VIATALK They offer a plan $199 a year for unlimited calling, just like sunrocket and they will give you in addition to the plan they offer you, up to 6 months free service , only if you were a sunrocket customer.

    for example , if you sign up for their service for $199 a year and had been a customer of sunrocket and you had 4 months left on your sunrocket plan.. they will give you 4 months free

    here is the link.. copy and paste this link in your browser

  2. It’s great to see these shows grow – but I think they still have a long way to go in finding an own style of story telling.

    Cranky Geeks is a great example. I think John is doing a great job, and I try to catch every episode – but I don’t watch the shows. Instead, I listen to them on my iPod. I just get really bored of watching people sitting around a table and talk …

    The same is true for many of the more popluar tech video podcasts. Seriously, is there anything visually more boring than watching your average start-up founder talk about himself for half an hour?

  3. To expand on Janko’s point — why does everything have to be a video?! One thing I hate about Comcast’s homepage is that they are always trying to trick me into launching a “video headline” in their cumbersome Fan player. Am I the only one left who would rather actually read something than watch people read it to me? Also, some claim a picture is worth a thousand words and a video ten thousand, but there are times where a single paragraph conveys a lot more useful information than a 30-second video. How about the idea of using the right tool for the job. If something is more impactful visually fine, but otherwise save the bandwidth and just give me the print/audio edition.

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