5 thoughts on “The Return of Hype?”

  1. Good strikes me as being particularly vulnerable. RIM has just raised a huge amount of cash (north of $900m), crossed the 1 million point, and done deals with PalmOne (not sure if they’ve done a deal with Microsoft, but, if not, it has to be in the works).

    Good, on the other hand, has a much smaller installed base and it depends completely on Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft has a long history of destroying companies that depend on their software – look at the CRM space as an example. Microsoft only has to do an upgrade of Exchange to have ActiveSync work better (as they will) and Good’s reason to exist will be greatly reduced. And IT people, of course, are constantly looking to reduce costs and the number of vendors they work with. To me, that makes Good very vulnerable.

    But I love their tech….I could see Microsoft buying them or copying them.

    Thoughts appreciated!


  2. You forgot about Friday’s Orkut launch, which felt like a Ryze networking event plus $100,000. A couple VCs decided to buy me drinks instead of letting me use my free drink coupons. Apparently, well drinks aren’t good enough for unfunded search engine startups.

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