16 thoughts on “The SWAT (solos working alone together) Approach”

  1. guys this hooked me,

    Om: how about starting an online billboard for solo developers to hookup on and setup such places all over the world…

  2. Wow, this is a very interesting approach. I think it would require lots of respect from all participants. You don’t want to be distracted when you are in the middle of writing an article. Some feel like chatting others want to work – mutual understanding is required.

  3. Jaro, yes it does take a respectful group of colleagues. Some writer friends of mine who do something similar often resolve this by chatting when they first get together, then imposing an hour or two of “writing only” time. In Chicago we weren’t this formal but we didn’t typically chat much – rather what helped was being in the same space as others who were working productively (not to mention how useful it can be to have friends to watch your laptop while you take a call outside, grab a refill, or use the bathroom).

  4. What a great idea, a facility covering any venue/city around the world would be very cool. I know I would benefit from such a facility, as would many others.

    P.S. Anyone got any recomendations for Guildford (could stretch to Reading some days) in the UK.

    Love this new blog by the way Om, absolute master stroke.

  5. Two points:

    1. Something like this would be outstanding for guys like me who don’t have the good sense to have a local client base and are traveling all the time. A listing or hub bolted onto this site might be a great value-added feature.

    2. Color me a fanboy: Two days with this blog and it’s already one of my favorites.


  6. Wow! This is a great idea. If co-working had existed a couple of years ago, I probably would have gone for that solution to cabin fevor. Instead, I worked out a bartar agreement with a local law office. I get an office in their suite in exchange for SEO and PPC services.

    The arrangement has worked out well, but lawyers aren’t quite as intersting as the folks seem to be who are involved with coworking.

  7. That’s what our grad student team does: we all have shared schedule, but we know everyone tries to make it to the lab on Thursday. The upside is the rest of the lab expects us to be there that day; the downside is we talk a lot—but as we are supposed to publish every several month, we can postpone writing for a day.
    It’s not enough, however, and I had to resolve to make my calendar open.
    Maybe you could have two talking / no talking area ? The talking being the sunny spot near the coffe spot, and the working the one with the best wifi signal, plugs and not so much light.

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