2 thoughts on “Warning, 3G(SM) Delays Ahead”

  1. Cingular slowing down 3G in the face of Sprint and Verizon EVDO Rev A and Sprint WiMax would be pretty crazy, but crazier has been done before in the industry. That said, CACS makes backhaul equipment and it could be that Cingular found a way to roll out 3G to a lot of sites without increasing backhaul — maybe by removing either the Cingular or old AT&T Wireless BTS in cases where they were colocated and reallocating the existing backhaul to 3G. This would allow them to push out a major project to upgrade backhaul network-wide without slowing the 3G rollout.

  2. Jesse is correct. Cingular is in the midst of turning down their TDMA network and can repurpose the backhaul pipes. Cingular cannot afford to let Sprint and Verizon Wireless slip to far ahead. Sure, they’re behind but they should be boosting up their 3G rollout by the end of the year.

    Another tidbit I caught today – perhaps just PR chest beating from First Avenue – they have a backlog of backhaul orders from the carriers.

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