7 thoughts on “The untapped potential of PSP as a platform”

  1. Everything about PSP is a proprietary money fleecing technology . . . I’ve been thinking that the PSP makes it hard to justify a high priced video iPod. The UMD format allows for a “NetFlix” through-the-mail service. To compete with that Apple would have to come up with a purely online rental service leveraging DRM and that would limit their customer base vs. Sony (vPod requires broadband connection, PSP requires mailbox).

  2. Jesse you make an excellent point. i decided not to repeat myself but i had made the same arguments before somewhere on the site. anyway i do think apple will have to come up with a way to do the rentals in the long run, but i bet they want to seed the market initially.

  3. Yes. It was an earlier article of yours that got me thinking about this. I had read it too long after it was posted to comment (damn, real work). The great thing about not being a journalist or academian is that I don’t have to give people proper credit for their ideas! Then again, if I want that Blue Label, I’ve got to stay on your good side.

  4. Good point, Om, on the proprietary memory stick, but if Sony decides to do everything Russ is suggesting, they probably would tweak the pricing on that product. Although I’m not holding my breath on any of it for anytime soon.

  5. Sony is one of the biggest clueless companies in the planet. i am surprised that they let everyone walk into their business. oh well… here i go ranting again

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