10 thoughts on “The Very Human Cost of Job Cuts”

  1. Unfortunately, it is a very deep & integral part of human nature to find someone else to blame for one’s foibles.
    This tragic incident is yet another exemplar of this – as if we needed further proof.

  2. Om, I respectfully disagree. This is not about job cuts. Job cuts happen all over the world; shootings happen where people have easy access to guns. How many Columbines, Virgina Techs, or SiPorts does America need before moving towards a mass amnesty for surrendered guns, followed by some common sense controls on gun ownership? Good laws are needed – much more than prayers.

  3. very sad and tragic and kind of you to offer to some support to those affected.

    sadly, gun prohibition has as much chance for success as alcohol and drug prohibition. making it illegal just adds a new potential revenue stream for gansters and mobsters to chase. better to tax, regulate and educate.

  4. If those kind of people don’t have access to guns they still have access to knives or other kind of weapons, for example. They won’t use guns, they’ll use knives and so somebody will still get hurt….
    And the black market for guns will be in place to replace the white market…

  5. If a man has a knife, he could at most kill 1 person before being wrestled away. If a man has a gun, he can kill 3 people and walk away. This is the difference between a knife and gun.
    We need a stricter gun law in US, particularly a 5-day waiting period Like Clinton administration imposed. Sadly when Bush took office, such 5-day waiting period was repelled.
    People kill when they are angry. A waiting period can save lives.

  6. A man with a knife can get away too, except when you are Rambo or Bruce Lee and know how to disarm him…most of the people are not. He might not do as much damage as a man with a machine gun but still can do damage. People will still die…

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