4 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable Trials Wireless”

  1. But if Verizon did break up Sprint-Nextel, who’s to say that Comcast and Time Warner wouldn’t throw their hats into the ring as Nextel suitors? Not to mention that Comcast has a lot of WCS spectrum for a WiMax or TD-UMTS play.

  2. i am not sure if the cable companies have the appetite or the cash to do wireless right now on their own. they have their handsful protecting their flanks from phone guys and front from satellite.

  3. Time Warner and Comcast and aggressively working on Wireless (cellular). Also both companies are seeking to have Wireless Internet by next year. Both companies want wireless, both agree it is what they need to grow and continue moving up. They are not frozen, the phone companies are trying to run cover while the cable companies steal off their customers with their phone services and MUCH fast high speed internet. You are right, it will be the thorn in the side of the phone companies when cable goes wireless, but I think that the prick will be much larger then most suspect.

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