10 thoughts on “TiVo: battered, bruised and bewildered”

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  3. I think opening up the source is a truly inspired idea but unfortunately, I rather doubt it will happen. Tivo needs something to change the equation because they’re bleeding cash at an astounding rate and an active open source community managed properly can cut engineering costs, bring new innovation, and create new emotional ties to the company. It certainly would be a bold move.

    I think a move like that would definitely get vetoed by the board, if not by the executive staff. I think successful open source companies have to have that as part of their corporate culture from the beginning, and even though Tivo lives on the linux platform, they’ve kept things very proprietary up until recently. I also think it reduces the chance that some bigger company will acquire them.

  4. Will, you have summed it up so well. TiVo is clearly facing the “innovators dilemma” and doesn’t know how to get out of this whole mess. good post by the way today on TiVo and PC

  5. I don’t know that an open sourced Tivo would actually make a difference. See, Tivo’s major selling point over the competition is not its unique ability to record video to a hard drive, but rather it’s ability to just work. Tivo doesn’t need better software (granted they need to remain competitive) or hardware but they need marketing, branding, and maybe just a dash of that Apple magic. Do I think Apple should buy? No probably not. It’d probably cost just as much to do the development in-house and would net them little in the way of subscriber base. But my point is “what does tivo need?” and it sure as hell isn’t OSS. Look at Myth. Myth eats. Myth takes a freaking day to set up IF you purchased all the right components before hand. Tivo takes 20 minutes tops. I like open source, but I swear everyone and their brother thinks that open sourcing something is the greatest things since whatever you think the last great thing was. OSS is not INHERENTLY GOOD. I don’t see the rise of Myth (espcially given its past iterations) as enough empircal evidence to support the comparison in the DVR market…

  6. I’ve never seen TiVo so I don’t know if what I’m about to describe is what TiVo does,or maybe another product/service does it, or maybe it’s only wishfull thinking on my part. But, what I really want is a box that will record a TV program and then play it back later, on demand, with all the commercials stripped out. Now that’s something I’d be willing to pay for!

  7. I think Myth TV does precisely what TiVo doesn’t. so today its difficult to use and hard to set up but so was linux till two years ago but today it is getting up there. i think the same will happen here also and in time ease of use and inteface are going to improve and so will the features

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