9 thoughts on “Vonage IPO and other VoN 2005 Reflections”

  1. I agree with your assessment. As an attendee of VON, I walked away with the sense that VoIP providers (such as Vonage) are over-hyped and are at the mercy of the person who controls the last mile. And what about the customer experience that everyone assume will work itself out when problems occur?

    I can help but to think we’re in a bubble of hype and publicity.

  2. thanks brian. i am worried about where we are going with voip. folks like stewart alsop are making keynotes when they have no VoIP background etc – that’s a sure sign we are in a bubble

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  4. Bankers on Wall Street have been saying they can’t take Vonage publuc w/ Citron as the primiary shareholder, CEO, and director for the company. Also, there is talk that the window of opportunity for Vonage is quickly closing to go public or get acquired because all the majors who could afford to buy the company have launched or are launching their own competing service.

  5. Vonage was one of the first VIOP’s out of the gate. They will do fine
    What microsoft was to software, Vonage is to VIOP. Just sit back and
    watch the explosion. Hopefully you dont miss this train.

  6. Internap is going to be a driving force in VOIP land. See todays IIP news. IIP is already in cahoots with Vonage AT&T and 1900 other customers. Internap is the backbone of quality that customers of IIP customers need and rely on.

    In the voip craze dont overlook the suppporting cast such as IIP

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