19 thoughts on “Too Many Gadgets, Too Little Space”

  1. Just moved to a 24″ iMac, Om – and I still frame my browsers with 2-3″ space left and right. I do go full-screen with a couple of graphics programs.

    Internet radio at 128 provides music from all over the world for me – via Klipsch speakers.

    But, when there’s a download that I know I’m the only geek in the household interested in, I can just lean back in my office chair and pop the Front Page remote. That screen does full 1080p HD.

    That rocks.

  2. Om,
    How do you manage all you VoIP services?
    I have skype(with skypein), gizmo, Grandcentral, truphone, fring and some generic SIP service I believe.

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