19 thoughts on “Too Many Gadgets, Too Little Space”

  1. Alan

    Thanks for the comment – actually I have much more junk than i have – will be getting rid of much of it soon. thanks for sending me the flier. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I find that two 24″ LCD’s are a lot better than one 30″. Way more screen real estate for a lot less money.

  3. Just moved to a 24″ iMac, Om – and I still frame my browsers with 2-3″ space left and right. I do go full-screen with a couple of graphics programs.

    Internet radio at 128 provides music from all over the world for me – via Klipsch speakers.

    But, when there’s a download that I know I’m the only geek in the household interested in, I can just lean back in my office chair and pop the Front Page remote. That screen does full 1080p HD.

    That rocks.

  4. Hey Om. My 10 yo is a serious tinker head. Can he have some of your junk?

    Thanks for saving the landfills!


  5. @Deepak. I have heard the new drobo is much faster, and quieter. I hate the fan in the one i have. too much noise and distracts from working.

  6. Om,
    How do you manage all you VoIP services?
    I have skype(with skypein), gizmo, Grandcentral, truphone, fring and some generic SIP service I believe.

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