35 thoughts on “Social.FM, Formerly Mercora, Shuts Down”

  1. Nice scoop.

    When I would get pitched by their firm – and that was alot – it seemed like the messaging was all over the place, and I never was able to grasp what they were supposed to be about after the initial launch.

  2. A shame, because I think it was an excellent idea.

    I do think there were real problems though. The few times I tried it, I couldn’t get it to work properly. And the way it worked with channels etc was pretty darn confusing.

    The WORST thing about the app was that it had a very confusing delete/remove action. If I recall, ‘delete’ meant something different in two different areas of the player/manager. Where you would think it was just delete from your library, it would actually delete music files from your harddrive. Unbelievably, it was a hard delete rather than sending to the recycle bin. I accidentally lost a ton of music this way.

    Again, legal P2P radio was an excellent idea and I’d hoped to use it on my website to let my readers listen to my entire music collection. But it was fairly incompetently executed and I can imagine that not working out some fairly major kinks was at least partially to blame for its failure. I also read a few comments saying what’s the point, we have last.fm and pandora. So that seemed to indicate they didn’t get across what they had to offer, which was very unique.

    I hope someone else picks up the idea and that can find a way to make it financially viable.

  3. This sucks. Social.FM shuts down and there’s only LastFM or Pandora? Those two aren’t even close; they don’t enable users to put up their music libraries for streaming. Been trying to find a REAL replacement for Social.FM for over a year now.

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