15 thoughts on “The GigaOM Interview: Kevin Lynch, CTO, Adobe Systems”

  1. Did you mean Harry Potter ?

    Although you didn’t mention it, I think Adobe deserves some credit their work in digital signatures w/Acrobat. It’s one of the few things I’ve seen that actually saves paper. It’t one of the green-est (is that a word) pieces of software I use.


  2. It would have been very interesting to see how Adobe intended to monetize it’s graphics tools such as Illustrator in the cloud computing paradigm. Kinko’s rents a design workstation by the hour and I would think Adobe’s on demand offerings will be in direct competition with this.

    – Ranjit

  3. Om, you are dangerously getting close to being called the “pulver of cloud computing”. The amount of cloud-computing in your articles in the past weeks is staggering. Pulver did the same thing to VoIP – over-hyped it to a point vendors could not deliver.

    Cloud == lots of vapor, usually.

  4. @Daya

    Do you know how many updates they push out? Because that is what is really causing the 8 million flash player downloads/installs on a daily basis.

  5. @Reader Ouch! Having followed the industry from the early days when a real estate company like Exodus passed itself as a data center technology leader, grid computing, the possibilities opened by fiber networks – don’t blame me for getting excited about the “future” predicted by experts is starting to come through.

    Cloud computing, generically speaking is going to be a big story for years to come because it is a fundamental technological shift, not a Web 2.0 toy. There are real dollars being invested in this market by real companies. VoIP unfortunately was a feature (a very important) masquerading as an industry.

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