5 thoughts on “MobiTV Says It Has 4M Subscribers — Is Growth Slowing?”

  1. i’ve never believed mobitv’s claims because i’ve NEVER seen someone watching mobitv on their cell phone.

    that doesn’t mean no one uses the service, but makes me think that 4m is one of those ‘have tried the service ever’ kind of numbers where sprint users who get a free trial and tried the service once are counted as users.

  2. Hello, I have used Mobi on ATT before and have received great quality so hopefully it stays around.

    Quick Question for Om or NewTeeVee: I do not see an email sign up to get your news each day, like on the main Om site. Can you set this up? Thanks!

  3. @Joshua Levine

    I don’t write much here unfortunately since the main site keeps me busy. So no email for now. I link to my NTV posts on the main site when i do write here.

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