6 thoughts on “Mercora Rebrands As Social.FM, Mac Support”

  1. It’s built on Adobe RIA? I suppose AIR couldn’t handle the job, eh? 😉

    I completely forgot about Mercora, but a quick jump to Social.FM looks promising. Definitely worth another look after work.

  2. Maybe the new overhaul will bring me back to Mercora. I had left to go to one of the “newer, hipper players” (GetMaestro.com). I guess I will have to give Social.FM another chance and see how it compares. I really like the social ability in sharing playlists so I can experience new types of music that I would not normally listen to that was just one reason for switching in the first place. I thought GetMaestro did it better. Although with the new name Social.FM I can see the social networking push that Mercora is trying to promote. We’ll just have to test it out.

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