5 thoughts on “John Dvorak loves Toshiba R-100 Protégé”

  1. I’m a “switcher”. I ditched my Portege R100 (and 3490ct before that, and 7110 before that, and ct360 before that) for a Powerbook 12″, and on the whole I’m happy.
    A couple of things I’m unhappy about, as compared to the R100

    1) The 12″ Powerbook doesn’t have a PCMCIA slot… Didn’t think this would be a big deal, but it turned out to be for 3g data. My portege had one, and it didn’t even spoil the lines
    2) The Wifi reception isn’t crash hot. The portege had a bettter Wifi antenna
    3) The trackpad’s a little dull. My powerbook trackpad has always felt a bit of a battle, the Portege always felt zippy
    4) The 12″ Powerbook is about an hour shorter on battery life.. And that hurts the most

    Having said that, I really like Mac OS X, and I love the unified look, better interface, good collection of bundled Apps.

    Which would I buy again? Hard to say, but since the lightest Mac is now 2.4kg, I’m leaning towards a Vaio or Portege for my next purchase. Maybe Steve will make all my dreams come true and release Mac OS X for any old Intel

  2. I use the Dell X1 (Samsung Q30) and love it for travel, but it’s basically useless for anything else. Screen is too small for the resolution, too hot for your lap and palms (the hot palm complaint is my biggest) and way too short on your lap or desktop.

    Everything that makes it great for travel really ruins it for long-term stationary use.

  3. While I don’t travel much, I have used the ibm x thinkpads and they are light enough and powerful enough(most imp.) to be able to get useful work done rather than just mail or web.

  4. For what I use a PC for, I have a Toshiba Tecra and a Acer Travelmate. They do the job well – I need a serial port and it’s hard to find one without buying a serial pcmcia card. The Tecra has one but by adding that they took away some USB ports (only has 2 USB ports 🙁 )

    I just go from site to site and am at a desk so no sitting on laps etc. so weight isn’t a huge issue.

    The notebooks are small enough but by the time I have cables locks power supplies…it all adds up.


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