5 thoughts on “Lets All Build Wall Gardens”

  1. If all these music services are going to start selling custom mp3 players, I’d at least like to see them experiment with the user interface a bit instead of cloning the ipod. For example, I’d love to see a Pandora mp3 player that uses the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons right on the front of the player. Something like this…

    C’mon…let’s see some innovation!

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  3. What are these me-toos going to offer to persuade iPod users to migrate though?

    As you note, Apple has a total end to end value system ( add in the search, music metadata, analytics ), its not just the music. And the consumer device is still iConic.

    I suspect (looking at the history of the Text and Webpage based ‘Nets) that the play that will undo iTunes’ dominance will be an open garden system, as that has a greater utility and unleashes the creativity of the many. It just takes longer to put together as it is a heterogenous ecosystem of multiple suppliers.

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