10 thoughts on “Tripping the Yahoo Fantastic”

  1. I think if I was running Yahoo or any Internet based business I would try using a wiki application to let users define what the company should be. Yahoo Wiki could provide Yahoo with all sorts of ideas for very little investment. Wiki would be great for Yahoo tech support as well.

    They could call it Yahoo Base, wiki power it and be in action in very little time. Users would take it where it needed to go. That is different than the Google model, where users wait and see what Google is going to come out with next and then play with it until the next big thing is announced.

  2. A branded version of wiki that is more accurate would draw in users. Competition should improve wiki results. An ad free wiki is great for folks who really hate ads. I accept ads in exchange for information. Instead of being defined by wiki technology, I think wiki will be defined by companies such as Yahoo that empower users who define services. It should be disruptive to other services to be effective. It could even be disruptive to the way people think about wiki.

  3. Help Wanted on Google Base
    Good analysis at thestreet.com by Jonathan Berr.
    “Google didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.” Google is so busy being the media, they don’t seem to have time for the media. First it was the pests at CNet and now all these other budinskys want answers. Google Don’Talk 2.0. Head in the clouds syndrome. Google Base has also been hit with technical glitches. It’s a glitchy bitchy world. Google seems to be getting bitchy.

    What Yahoo isn’t:
    1. Google
    Please add something to list.

  4. “Yahoo could be the fourth most populous country on the planet.”

    Teddy K – but we’re not a country, we’re just a company.

  5. Yahoo isn’t a country. I’m glad that issue is now settled. There’s nothing wrong with being just a company. I guess once your company becomes a multinational, people start getting fuzzy ideas about geography and place.

    Sometimes you need to put people in their place, when they forget their place.

  6. Yahoo is already in the process of building an emotional connection bond with its users through their messenger Avatars. This service allows their IM users to personalize a character and add it to their personal profile.

    A few months ago Yahoo ran a pole among its IM users. This pole concluded that 40% of Yahoo IM users change their avatar on a daily bases! So if that isn’t an emotional connection with Yahoo – what is?

    Anyhow, it would be interesting to follow this ongoing process.

  7. It’s interesting, and telling, that people don’t have this visceral need to know what Johnson & Johnson “is”. (Fun fact: Johnson & Johnson owns a few Web properties too, like Babycenter.com f’rinstance.)

    If you are itching to take an active role in deciding what Yahoo is going to be, one place to start is http://developer.yahoo.net/

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