51 thoughts on “Truphone Brings Skype To iPhone & iTouch”

    1. Dave thanks for the comment. No plans for me to hit CES. am letting the team from jkOnTheRun do our bidding at CES. They are likely to file a lot of stuff from CES. I hope Skype announces something for Blackberry and iPhone. it is a long time since they did something exciting.

  1. I’ve been using Fring to make Skype out and skype/skype calls for a month now. Does MSN im and voice as well I believe. And twittrd. And google talk voice and Im.

  2. Om:
    That’s an interesting feature to support. Fring, Mig33, Eqo and bunch of other startups have been supporting multi IM and VoIM for quite sometime. I’m not sure how companies can make money from multi IM and VoIM feature. Maybe, VoIM via PSTN may fetch them some revenue. Not sure if this is gone be sustainable revenue. My arguments might partially apply to truphone as they do have some revenue generating features. I think the market will consolidate this year for such apps and we will hear some good and bad news.

    Wish you happy New Year OM.


    1. I think it would be good to access Skype on Truphone is great. I have to say amongst all the VoIP services, Truphone is the one that has proved its utility to me personally. Also thanks for your wishes.

  3. Om,

    Happy New Year! I’ve never gotten Fring for iPhone to work when it comes to Skype.

    If someone could get Skype voice and messaging to work on the iPhone, that would be a phenomenally successful application. I hope Dave is right that Skype will announce just such a thing at CES.


  4. I totally agree with Geraldine and James from ((truphone)), consolidating more apps I am using everyday into the Voice feature at ((truphone)) will make me use it even more. Also I am a heavy truphone addict since years I must say I cannot live without the app anymore. It is totally business essentials in day to day calling, in particular calling international but more and more also calling within a country.

  5. I just installed truphone on my i-pod touch. In the IMMore options there is a Setup which shows a Skype icon. Selecting the Skype option displays a message which reads: “SKYPE Coming soon. Skype is almost ready. Watch this space!” Therefore, you can imagine my disappointment after having read this thread. Anyhow – if you’re thinking of downloading and trying this app – it is free and it does look like a genuine attempt to get Skype onto the ipod Touch. I will make a point of posting another message here if/when it ever happens.

  6. Dear Om!
    Many thanks for your work. I was searching on Internet for a good journalist writing about Skype functionality on mobile and discovered “Truphone Brings Skype To iPhone & iTouch” atricle.
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    We have developed IM+ for Skype for iPhone and iPod Touch and it is recently available in App Store.


    Maybe you will be interested in writing your new article about IM+ for Skype for iPhone? We will be glad to provide you all information about the application and a version to try.

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  7. Yeah OM,

    Try Shape’s IM+ for Skype on the iPhone and discover the WORST app ever. The thing does not work, has no dial keyboard, and after waiting days NO answer from their lousy support! Maybe if the spent sometime reading their support emails and working on the app, instead of reading about other iPhone apps they might have something. IM+ for Skype does not even belong in the App Store, it is trash!

    As far as Truphone goes. It is an excellent app, BUT still no Skype support! Fring work with Skype. Hopefully soon Skype will have their own iPhone app.

    Elena, your app sucks. Skype support should have simply have been added to IM+ and NOT be a separate app, for an unjustified money grab.

  8. just tried skype on truphone on my iphone
    works but with very bi delay and therefore cannot be used
    for normal conversation
    its more like a old walky talky

  9. Fring for iphone connects for free to skype and other fring users, also uses true skype out to call regular phone numbers and therefore has MUCH better rates and voice quality is excellent! It is available in the Apple store. Truphone is an inferior product, and more expensive, that has received, unfortunately, more publicity.

  10. i wonder if Truphone is planning to be the part of social networking sites – as it has already embedd Twitter – plus while surfing i found another VoIP service Vopium has recently introduced mobile sync – a phonebook service which can take backup of your mobile contacts and calendar – i think soon Truphone will provide these features of running your social life while playing your mobile data and twitter using Truphone 🙂 The low call rates and perfect call quality is still the best among all other sevices 🙂

  11. My truphone does not have skype icon where I can make skype call. is my truphone is not updated. Please help

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