6 thoughts on “With Microsoft in Sight, Cisco invests in Xobni”

  1. I think this is great news for Unified Communications. While I haven’t been impressed with Xobni’s search capabilities, I think their product offers a lot of promise for being able to better organize email. Since so much of our communication revolves around email, it is imperative for UC applications to integrate with Outlook and other email solutions. While it is unclear exactly what Cisco plans to do with Xobni, it can only be a positive sign if they are realizing the importance of search and information organization to communications.

    1. @John,

      You are right. On a macro level Xobni is a good idea, great vision but like you I have struggled with the actual product which does much less than the company promises. Hopefully in time they will get this right – they are working hard and trying their best. I give them credit for trying. What Cisco will do or will be able to do remains to be seen. I am not sure they got the DNA to get this right, my two cents 🙂

  2. Xobni is good. Outlook Track-It (free trial download on their site) is also amazing. It’s a followup email reminder via a toolbar.

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