11 thoughts on “Truphone, E-Series’ best friend”

  1. JOnathan,

    I tried man – it did not work. I think the e61 I have is Vodafone branded and that might be creating an issue. The E70 doesn’t handle things too well as yet.

  2. get a Voxalot.com account, place your settings of Gizmo there (if they allow you), voxalot will handle all your VOIP calls. if gizmo don’t support it, try forwarding your calls to another regular VOIP account number.

  3. Truphone is NOT an application!

    What they ask you to download to your handsets is just a bundle of settings for Nokia’s built-in SIP phone, which after “installation” of the bundle routes all your SIP calls through their (truphone) VoIP gateway. Everyone can use Nokia’s SIP that way (with Gizmo’s account for example or any other) and I don’t see anything special in this so call “True phone”. All they have at present is a pure PR for their SIP service to obtain big $$ from their stupid VCs. There’s no a single piece of technology, nothing! Try to prove it back if I’m mistaken.


  4. To Ruslan: there is more to Truphone than you clearly believe. First: while you, personally, might be comfortable talking about a “bundle of settings for the built-in SIP phone”, the enormous majority of mobile phone users are not and, quite rightly, don’t care to be. I’m sure you don’t really believe that low-cost or free SIP calls should be the sole preserve of an ultra-technical few prepared manually to experiment with SIP settings? What the Truphone Wizard does it make mobile internet telephony something for everyone.

    Second: if it was easy to do (as perhaps you do find it) then Truphone would not be the only company in the world right now enabling people to make totally free mobile-to-mobile calls. Some applications require you to maintain a separate address book on your phone.

    Finally: remember that no-one is being forced to use Truphone; it’s free to download and there are no monthly subscriptions or other hidden charges. No-one pays anything unless they use it.


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