One thought on “What's New Now: Gizmo Project 4.0, fringMe Widget, Truphone For Facebook”

  1. Om,

    I am also a huge fan of Truphone and use it quite often. I have a question for you, knowing that you are one plugged in guy when it comes to knowing what’s going on it the tech world, do you have any idea how many paid subscribers Truphone really has? I have not come across one person that pays for the service. I personally use it to call foreign countries and to make and receive calls while I’m out of the US.

    I have a theory as to what is behind the lack of paid subscriptions is to their service. I think it’s because people are scared to give out their credit card numbers mainly and in my case I can make cheaper calls (from my mobile or land line) then Truphone can offer to most places they don’t have free calls to.


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