16 thoughts on “Turn Your Symbian S60 Phone Into A Hot Spot”

  1. i regulary use my blackberry to connect to the internet. although it is very helpful, i hate the fact that i have to connect the phone to my viao using a cable. i thought we lived it a wire-free era. JoikuSoft is just the perfect solution. and i think my nokia is a s60 serie

  2. As far as I can see there’s precisely zero security on this. Not even WEP. Install this and anyone within range gets to use your 3G connection. Given that even “unlimited” tariffs here in the UK have usage limits this could get expensive very quickly.

  3. @Monty

    Yes, you are right it culd get expensive very very quickly. but good one when traveling in a group and you could take turns in sharing your 3G network connection.

    @ Matt,

    I am sure it will, but how are the tariffs down under for 3G? I am told the 3G Wireless Broadband is frightfully expensive.

  4. Om:

    In Russia where I live, the fastest mobile broadband (~1-2Mbps) costs ~$100 per month for unlimited usage without voice; however it is not too reliable and stable. Coverage is also spotty outside urban areas. Enough for one user but hardly for others to share.

  5. Om I checked out the Aussie Mobile Data rates and Vodaphone is offering a plan for $39.95 a month Capped at 5GB ….

    This is a better deal than some DSL plans in Australia !!!

  6. In the UK i use 3G broadband the speed is 3.6 Mbps which i am pretty pleased with It costs me approximately $30 a month for a 3GB download limit! However if i go over my limit it gets extremely expensive (20 cents per MB…. looking at it sounds inexpensive till you work out how much that is per GB ($200)) Well I am glad its only my secondary connection and only relly use it for e mails messaging and browsing at work, when working long lonely 12 hour nightshifts on security!

  7. how can i turn my blackberry phone into a hotspot and i also have a htc snap and i want to do the same thing i hope yuo can help me out i would appreciated

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