20 thoughts on “Turntable.fm is off-limits to non-US music fans”

  1. The music industry is really a blight on modern society. With most people on the internet, why are they even still needed? The sooner they go away and a new model takes its place, the better.

  2. That totally sucks, but who didn’t see something like this coming? Turntable.fm is a great startup and a great site; I hope they overcome this soon and people all over the world can enjoy the best innovation in social music since last.fm.

    1. That is true — I think the lawyers were waiting for the site to get big enough. Oh well, I wish they can figure it out and get this resolved soon.

    1. Same here – mostly because it prevents cross border discovery of new music. I have the same experience — find new music all the time in different rooms.

  3. Om, I’m curious… do you like the service enough to pay a subscription fee? Or, if every ‘room’ had to play a 15 second ad every 4 or 5 songs, would you be ok with that? Very interested in your thoughts.

    1. I love the service…for what it is.

      No subscription fees- ever. Facebook don’t do it, why should turntable.fm?

      Ads- NEVER. The second you make something obviously about ads, you lose your audience. I left Myspace 5 years ago because everywhere I went, there were enormous ads blaring at me from every corner of the screen.

      Forget it.

      The problem here isn’t a lack of ads, it’s the dinosaur music industry who will never, ever let go of their stranglehold on music disteribution (even though it actually HELPS them to move units.

  4. Just when it was getting good! I had switched over to turntable since it was more fun than jamcloud even though both are good at discovering new music. I guess I’ll go back and just prod the jamcloud developers to add some features like turntable to make it fun to use. 😉 I wonder if they can do the same thing with videos!? that would rule!!

    1. welp, they did it! The Turntable.fm for videos is now available in the JamCloud.com player also works with soundcloud too

  5. what a shame! living in switzerland where turntable.fm actually would be allowed i still can’t login. the music and the movie/film industry should start thinking over their role in the internet world. if they would have the invention power as some small enterpreneurs they could even earn money. But only trying to obtain their power in the market they will ruin their image totally.

  6. Ah, the joy of music licensing. A concept which has made little sense and hobbled innovation for ages, and continues to do so – also completely irrelevant to anyone able to use a proxy server.

  7. Expected. Too good to be true. I loved it and was hearing all sorts of great music from all other countries. I played new/indie Canadian stuff.

    Became addicted quite quickly!!

  8. I suspect turntable.fm will never come back to Canada. Just like Pandora, who actually attempted to get broadcast rights for music in Canada, failed to accept the outrageous fees our licensing bodies want (e.g. SOCAN). These idiots are even more out of touch than the licensing groups South of the border. Luckily with some VPN magic you can get back to Turntable.fm (and Pandora for that matter).

  9. I’m using http://www.UnoTelly.com to get around the block for turntable.fm

    It’s free and also supports Spotify, Netflix and other USA-only services. I’m so tired of record companies blocking everyone else outside USA. When I went to Europe, Spotify is so huge!

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