22 thoughts on “Twitter Brought Down by Denial-of-Service Attack”

  1. Hmmm….maybe someone didn’t like thier involvment in previous Iranian demonstrations and are making sure they aren’t involved in the latest?

  2. So the target was Twitter and Facebook just happened to suffer the extra load or was Facebook also targeted? I guess MySpace is so not used – I zipped on in just fine there! 🙂

  3. I will go on a leg and say both “twitter” and “facebook” will end up as fads.
    We had chat , forums , groups about 10 years back. The whole thing of “getting connected for the sake of being connected” is hogwash.
    Facebook provides some neat features, but so are your yahoo groups or google groups ….
    Twitter is for Journalists more so than others ( to be precise tech journos , OM is and excellent example)

    For the rest of us , the whole deal is we are trying hard to get connected for the sake of getting connected hmmmmm !!!!!!!

  4. This is the reason that Security Job still rock despite the recession!
    Thomasoppong, good point I think there might be
    security job tweets at twitter. Then again nothing is
    100% perfect. What do other think ?

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