14 thoughts on “Twitter's New VC Round: Red Hot”

  1. “way north of $70 million”? Wow. I love Twitter, but unless I am missing something, that seems a bit overvalued. The business model question continues to lurk and I personally wonder if it’s got the legs to get out of geekdom and into the mainstream. We’ll see…

  2. i love twitter and i’m on there (as passingnotes)

    …but even more interesting given this money-raising round: have you been following yonkly.com? it’s an open source clone written in MSFT_friendly code (as in, no ruby, not java) by emad ibrahim…it could pave the way for corporate implementation on the scale of drupal if it comes together correctly..

    maybe you guys could interview him, or cover him on ostatic? it’s open source…

  3. I think these Vulture Captial groups really know what they’re doing. Twitter has a large enough following that they can start rolling the ads soon. Then, the VCs can really cash out!

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